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The listed podcasts & radio shows that host guests to discuss topics of Astrology in some capacity. Some are inactive archives that serve as valuable educational resources

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Accessible Astrology

 Eugenia Krok

Astro All-Starz

 Vanessa Montgomery 

Astrologically Speaking       

 Sheri Horn Hasan 

Astrology Bytes                     

 Theresa Reed 

The Astrology Hub Podcast                              

 Amanda Pua Walsh

The Astrology Podcast

 Chris Brennan

The Astrology University Podcast                     

 Tony Howard

Bad Astrologers                   

 Amelia Quint

The Basement Astrologers   

 Kip Dubow

The Beautiful Astrology Podcast

Melanie Gurey 

Blood Moon Milk Astrology Podcast

 Aurorah Kate

Conscious Moon


Cosmic Cousins                   

 Jeff Hinshaw

The Cosmic Keys Podcast 

 Dan Shukis

Cosmic Tuesdays

 Anthony S.Picco

Eavesdropping at Midnight 

 Austin Coppock 

Energetic Principles           

 Melissa LaFara

Holes to Heavens

 Adam Sommer

Inkblot Astrology                 

 Jess Abbott

Liminal Light Podcast           

 Chris Reppucci

Living Open

 Eryn Johnson 

Magic of the Spheres

 Sabrina Monarch

Midnight Moon Astrology Podcast

 Cassidy Juniper

The P40 Podcast                   

 Sherene Vismaya

Practical Mystics' Podcast

 Julie Elizabeth Day

The Radiance Project 

 Heidi Rose Robins

Radient Astrology Podcast

 Christina Caudill

Stargazer Podcast               

 Aeolian Heart

StarryTelling Podcast 

 Gemini Brett

Star's Like Us                       

 Aliza Kelly

The Strology Show

 Shakirah Tabourn

Timeline Astrology

 Gary O'Toole

Trust Psyche Podcast

 Jessica Di Ruzza

Turning of the Wheel Podcast

 Chris Flisher

What's Your Sign

 Julia Loken + Stevie Anderson + Lisa Chanoux

Whoroscope Witch                

 Mallory Hasty

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