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01/      Wendy Fey + Kris Lee + Pamela Armstrong :  The Astrology of Three Great Artists

           HIAA  :  Full Moon in Aries

02/     Sonal Sachdeva  :  Free Jyotisha Classes

           Anne Ortelee  :  The Pinball Approach to Astrology

           Virginia Bell Omari Martin + Alex Wang  :  2021: Light at the End of the Tunnel

           Christine Linwood  :  The Lunation Cycle

03/    Gerald Baron  :  Vocational Astrology - What is My Calling?

          Kathryn Silverton  : (US) Presidential Election 2020 

04/    Matthew Kenney  :  Trigon Lords and their Application in a Natal Chart

          Forest Taipale  :  DELIVERING BREAKTHROUGHS - Strategies for Astrologers

          Jelena Lemot  :  The Season of the Major Crossroads

05/    Sonal Sachdeva  :  Free Jytotisha Classes

06/    Patricia Bell + Cassandra Butler  :  The Astrology of Political Partnership

07/    Marc Laurenson  :  The Composite Chart - The Third Party  in Your Relationship

          Lisa Lazuli  :  Why Mundane Astrology is Anything but Mundane

                                                                                in the Tumultuous Times we Live in

08/    Kaartik Gor  :  Vedic Astrology for Career Building

          Gemini Brett  :  Turning the Wheel with Annual Profections

09/    Scott Silverman  :  Mars Retrograde through the Lens of Uranian Astrology

          Zane Stein  :  Chiron: The Wounded Healer

          Wade Caves + Alan Annand + Inge LohseWho is most likely to win the 2020 US Election

          Jim Hennum + Mel LaFara + Dave Dean + Simone Butler  :  Election Panel Discussion

          Renn ButlerJupiter-Saturn-Pluto and the Death-Rebirth Struggle of the Human Psyche

10/    Mark Smith  :  Geopolitics

         Dr Neil Hair + Roz Noble + Sid Dhiman + Christina Stargaze  :  The US Election

         Martien Hermes  :  The (7 Hermetic) Lots: The Conceptual Model inspired by Robert Schmidt

         Michael Bartlett  :  Astrology and The Soul's Purpose

         Roy Gillett  :  The Astrology of the World Economy before, during and after Covid-19

         Linea Van Horn  :  Using the Moon's Nodes in Chart Interpretation

         Gemini Brett  :  Your True Calling is Calling : Vocational Signatures in the Natal Chart

11/    David Hamblin  :  The Planets as Conscious Beings

        Oner Doser  :  The Ages of Man

12/    Peter Burns  :  Money money money….

         Sonal Sachdeva  :  Jytotisha Classes

         Colin Bedell  :  The Astrology of Relational Intelligence

13/    Dawn Silver  :  From Here to Inauguration

         Townhall : AFAN Bylaw Review

14/    Kim Farnell  :  Astrology in Popular Culture

15/    Jackie Slevin  :  Feral Planets: Where the Wild Things Are

         Lars Mellis  :  Taking the Scare Out of the Square

                                                      Find Power & Promise in Natal Square Aspects

         Penni Shelton  :  Jupiter Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius! Oh my!

16/    Ted Figura  :  Sign-to-Sign Comparison for Relationships and Natal Charts

         Elizabeth Hazel  :  Kissing the Cosmic Axis, Aspects to the MC

17/    Brian Clark  :  Character and Change in Times of Transition

         Stormie Grace  :  Social Medi-AHHHHHHHHHH!

         Leigh Westin  :  Declination Dynamics 

         Anne Ortelee  :  Horary Astrology

         Fitz Timon Harewood  :  The Art of Dying and Living through the Vedic Chart

         Judith Hill  :  The Medical Transits of Saturn

         Christopher Warnock + Clifford Hartleigh Low + Michael Ofek + Joshua Proto

                                        Astrological Magic Discussion Panel - Ritual Procedures


18/    Intermediate Tarot Discussion Group: Scorpio

         Hakan Kırkoğlu  :  Three Stages of Our Lives: Our Youth, Maturity and Before We Die

         Colin Bedell  :  The Astrology of Relational Intelligence

19/    Sonal Sachdeva  :  The Creation of Rashis Zodiac Signs and

                                                   Connections to the Nakshatras and their Motion

21/    Jeanne Mozier  :  Astrology of the 2020 Election

         Debbie Barnett  :  Learn Western Astrology Meetup

24/    Anne Ortelee  :  Venus Star Points Workshop

          Gerald Baron  :  Retrogrades - Dancing to the Music

          Michael Feist  :  Theory and Practice of Using the Daily Personal Horoscope

          David Perloff  :  Astrology of 2020 - The Pandemic, George Floyd, & the Election

          Lin Ewing  :  Pluto's Placement in the Birth Chart

                                        As Indicator of the Purpose of This Incarnation

          Shannon Rae  :  Transits Approach & Potential

25/    Ramya Krishnamurthy  :  Saturn’s Greatness – Vedic Mythology and Astrology

          Leigh Weston  :  Declination Dynamics

          Anne Ortelee  :  Jupiter/Pluto & Jupiter/Saturn

          Susan Van Koughnet  :  Let's Talk Numbers

          Marie Schoeppel  :  How Next (US) Presidential Term Could Affect the Economy

          Ursula Stockder  :  Nature as the Womb of Wisdom


02/     Kerrie Redgate  :  Chiron is Not the Problem... It's the Answer

04/     Christeen Skinner  :  The Outlook for Europe

05/     Gerald Baron  :  Solar Return - What's up for you the year after your birthday?

           Omari Martin  :  Electional Astrology

06/     Gali Livneh  :  Polarities and Points of View in Astrology

07/     Adam Wolter  :  Cosmic Weather Report

08/     Madalyn Hillis-Dineen  :  Getting the most from Solar Fire

           AFAN Townhall  :  Books, Books, Books!

09/     Alex Trenoweth  :  OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! Algol and the Royal Family

           Dennis Harness  :  Predictive Planetary Periods (Dashas)

10/      Stephanie Gailing  :  Astrology & Dreams

           Tim Stephens  :  How to Spot Money/Luck/Wealth in Your Natal Chart

11/       Zane Stein  :  Chiron: 40 Years Later

           Naomi Bennett  :  Powerful Moon Wobbles

           Nina Gryphon  :  Astrological Magic for Beginners

12/      Nina Gryphon  :  Theory and Practice of Astrological Magic

           Philip Young, PhD  :  Pluto Return of the U.S.

           Gregory Clare  :  Fate vs. Freewill

           Ray Couture + Carmen  :  Astro Meet-up

13/      James SchultzSpencer Grendahl  :  Relationships, more than just Venus & Mars

           Robert Corre  :  On the nature of the dispositor in Traditional Astrology

           Astrology Victoria BC  :   Astro Chat : Mars in Aries.....Forever

14/      Sheila Stokes  :  Roy Owen Memorial Lecture

           Alice Sparkly Kat  :  Solar and Nocturnal Bodies

16/      Kim Akinta  :  Rectification of the Birth Time

           Michael Bartlett  :  Journey to the Centre of the Twelfth

           John Byrne  :  Virgo New Moon Workshop

           Chet Zdrowski  :  Astrology Study Group

           Brynne  :  The Western Mythology of Celestial Bodies

           Debbie Barnett  :  Learn Western Astrology

17/     John Marchesella  :  On Transits Predictive Astrology with Our Clients and Ourselves

          Mulema Alchemy + 7th Soul Botanicals  :  New Moon in Virgo Talk

          Robert Glasscock  :  Solar Arcs What are They? How to Use Them?

          Rick Levine  :  Consciousness Con Carne A Fresh Look at

                                               Reincarnation and Disincarnation

18/     Zane B. Stein  :  The Dwarf Planet Eris

          Elizabeth Hazel  :  Fixed Stars : Points of Destiny

19/     Mari Garcia  :  Plunging the Depths: 4th, 8th & 12th Houses

          Rebeca Eigen  :  7th House Discovery of Ego Defenses through Shadow Work

          Crystal Eves  :  The Astrology of Time

          Adam Wolter  :  Elemental Harmony

          Armand Diaz  :  Seven Methods of Prediction

          Rick Levine  :  The Astrology of Relationships: Theory and Practice

          David Perloff  :  The Pandemic, George Floyd, and the Election


20/    Mari Garcia  :  Prosperity and Adversity

          Mari Garcia  :  Out of Bounds

          Intermediate Tarot Discussion Group - Libra

          Roy Gillet  :  Transforming our Tomorrows by Understanding our Yesterdays

          Linda Sherwin  :  Under One Sky : How Do We Work Together 

          Melissa LaFara  :  Astrology Rulerships and Dignities

          Greg Bogart  :  Astrology as a Therapeutic Art : Healing Human Relationships

22/    Anthony S. Picco :  Astrology for the Dead:

                                         Astrology Keeps Going Even When You Don’t!


23/    Zy Gray  :  Mars Retrograde through the Houses

24/    Philip F Young PhD  :  Cosmic Weather Report for October

          Kirah Tabourn  :  Professional Development

26/    Lynn Bell  :  MARS – Between Conflict and Desire

          Twin Cities Astrology Round Table : Libra + Venus

          Giulio Pellegrini  :  Pluto Generations and the Evolution of Collective Consciousness

          Zane Stein  :  Eris -- Reconciling Opposites

27/     Zane Stein  :  Chiron

           Dr. Marianne Johnson  :  Chart Patterns and Final Dispositors

           Naomi Bennett  :  Solving the Astrological Puzzle 

                                              The Wit and Wisdom of Carl Payne Tobey

           Steve Pincus  :  Solar Arc Directing Techniques Epidemic Formulas

                                                                                                + the COVID 19 Pandemic

           Ellen ZuckerAlex MillerAlison Graham  :

                                                             The 2020 Presidential Election: A Panel Discussion

           Sam Reynolds  :  Antiscia and Contra-Antiscia: Special tips for the Astro-Tourist

28/     Zane Stein  :  Chiron 40 years later

           AOAKC  :  Mars Retrograde (Workshop)

           Alex Wang  :  Introduction to Astrology

           Rick Levine  :  Consciousness A Fresh Look at Reincarnation and Disincarnation


01/     Sherri Mitchell  :  Indigenous Wisdom fro Healing Trauma

02/    Tara Aal  :  Planets on the 1st – A New Experience of Yourself and the Archetypes

03/    Diane Trimbath  :  Planetary Highlights for August

04/    Saleem Adam Wolter  :  Cosmic Weather Report


05/    Mari Garcia  :  The 27 Club

06/    Samuel F. Reynolds  :  Is there anything essential and dignified about

                                                                                  essential dignities in the 21st Century?

08/    Kira Sutherland  :  Lunar Phase Healing; Using the Moon Cycles for Optimum Health

          Gerald Baron  :  What's in store for the end of 2020?

          Michael Ofek  :  Astrological Magic

          Daniel Bernal  :  Emergent Strategy as a Framework for Astrological Interpretation

          Roland Matthews  :  Alchemy & Astrology

          Anne Ortelee  :  Solar and Lunar Return

          Ray Couture  :  Outer Planet Transit Discussion

09/    Boaz Fyler  :  A new Gender Paradigm for Astrologers

                                How to adapt your astrology interpretation to a new consciousness

10/     Kim Akinta  :  Rectification of the Birth Time

          Jo-Anne Cardosi  :  Karmic Astrology

          Laurence Hillman  :  Archetypes in Astrology

11/      AFAN Townhall  :  When, Where and How to Meep Up During a Pandemic

          Lisa Hagenbuch + Janet Berres + Liane Thomas Wade  :

                       Trump Family History and Mayhem Through the Eyes Of Astrology

13/     Wade Caves  :  Big Choices with Horary

14/     Kelley Hunter  :  New Astrological Archetypes Activated in 2020

          Jeff Harman  :  Vedic Gemology

          Zane B. Stein  :  Chiron - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


15/     Pamela Rowe  :  Let’s Examine The Rest of 2020

          Diane Ronngren + Donna Stellhorn + Shara Eisen + Ralph + Kelly O’Tillery :

                      NCGR Board Mini Lectures

          Robert Glasscock Luke Bayley + Julia Purdy + Ever Reese  :  Games of Chance

          Steve Pincus  :  Midpoints in Synastry

16/     Denver Astrology Geeks  :  Intermediate Tarot Discussion

          Laura Nalbandian  :  The Asteroids – Ceres, Juno, Pallas, Vesta

          Michael Bartlett  :  Maverick Planets -- Do you have what it takes to change the world?

          Shane M. Nygaard  :  From Sunrise Through Nightfall: The 12 Houses of the Zodiac

17/     Elodie St Onge Aubut + Chris Reppucci  :  Dreams, Synastry and the Moon

18/     John Byrne  :  Leo New Moon Workshop

19/     Zy Gray  :   Astro 101 : Where Do I Begin?

          Lauren Horne  :  The Astrology of Current Events in 2020

20/    Frances Rackow  :  The Aries Point

21/     Rob Barnes + Susan Jensen Farmer  :  Fun With Asteroids

          Diotima Mantineia  :  The Astrology of the USA in 2020 and Beyond

22/    Jackie Slevin  :  Finding Success in the Horoscope

          Astrology Roundtable : Virgo & Mercury

          Zane B. Stein  :  Chiron – Forty Years Later, the Wounded Healer

23/     BAE Cosmic Cuppa 

           Elena Lumen  :  Analyzing multiple choices questions through the lenz of traditional horary astrology

24/     MJ Patterson  :  Chocolate Coated Time-Check Techniques

          AOAKC  :  Facilitated Chart Discussions

25/    AFAN Members Discussion Group  :  Pluto Generations

          Sharon Knight + Jessica Adams + Natalie Delahaye + Karen Krizanovich  :  

                                                                                     The Virtual London Astrology Tour

27/    Kirah Tabourn + Jessica Lanyadoo  :  On Astrology for Real Relationships

          Gemini Brett  :  The Turning of the Ages and The Sun on the Cross 

28/    MJ Patterson   Astrology Community Connection

30/    Lynn Bell  :  The Battle of the Titans: Jupiter and Saturn square Uranus

          Victoria Smoot  :  Mars Mythology and Management : Lessons in Fear & Survival

JULY 2020

01/    Kira Sutherland  :  Adapting In Times of Stress

02/   Oak  :  Out of Bounds Planets and Racial Justice

03/   Alex Trenoweth  :  When a Flower Speaks – The Astrology of Mystical Moments

         Gemini Brett  :  NCGR SF Cancer Salon

         MAAAS  :  First Friday Astrology Salon

05/   Bernard Duchatelle  :  The Lunar Nodes and the Meaning of Life

         Astro Victoria  :  Online Astro Chat

06/   Twin Cities Astrology Meetup  :  Astro Weather Forecast


07/   Colin Bedell  :  The Interpersonal Nature of the Relational Houses (4-8)

         Christopher Renstrom + Gary Caton  :  The 2020 Astrology of China

08/   Tony Howard  :  Out of Bounds Planets

10/    Robert Glasscock  :  The United States’ Solar Return at Pluto’s Return

         Madeline Gerwick  :  Five Rare Cycle Lead to the New Economy

         Nina Gryphon  :  Horary for Neophytes


11/     Maurice Fernandez  :  The Spiritual Dimension of Saturn

         Charen McLean  :  The Nodes & Relationships


12/     Samuel Reynolds  :  An Unfinished Revolution:

          A discussion on Freedom and Responsibility at America's Pluto Return

         Gaye Alkan  :  Aristotle’s Hamartia in the Charts

         Lesley Francis  :  Reclaiming Retrogrades

13/     Lynne Smith  :  Nourishing Our Soul, Ceres in the Birthchart

          Julia Purdy  :  The Jupiter Advantage

14/     AFAN Townhall

          Lin Ewing  :  What Are the Ascendant and the Midheaven Really?

15/     Mychal A. Bryan  :  Horary Astrology and the Natal Promise

          Debbie Barnett  :  Astrology Salon

16/     Margo Cline  :  Changing of the (Mean) Nodes, 06/04/20 - 12/22/21

          Christopher Renstrom  :  The Secret History of Saturn


17/      Marian Jones  :  Planetary Archetypes in Healing

           Rob Barnes Susan Jensen Farmer  :  What's Happening in the 2nd Half of 2020

           Matthew Kenney  :  How the Ancient Vision of Saturn Can Inform

                                                                                        Contemporary Astrological Practice

18/     Gemini Brett  :  Annual Profections

          Dawn Silver  :  Midpoints in Healing

          Margaret Wood  :  Tracking Your Life Journey Through Solar Arcs

          Daniel Bernal  :  Emergent Strategy as a Framework for Astrological Interpretation

19/     Stephanie Johnson  :  AstroCartoGraphy

          Lars Panaro  :  Lots & Lots of Lots

          Dawn Silver  :  Your Birthcharts Reincarnation Story

          Nancy Bahlman  :  Longevity

          David Cochrane  :  Septile Aspects and Spiritual Awakening


21/     Maurice Fernandez  :  Demystifying the 12th House

22/    Angela Mena  :  Introduction to the Mayan Nawales

23/    Michelle Gregg  :  Astrology Transit Support Group

          Julene Louis  :  Basics of Traditional Astrology

          Dianne Lawson  :  Astrology and the Bible

          Lee Lehman  :  “What you need to know before you start a horary?”

25/    Lee Lehman  :  Horary, A Question of Method: How to Consult the Cosmos

          Rachel Lang  :  Asteroids in Love: Incorporating Asteroids in Relationship Charts

          Shane M. Nygaard + Saleem Adam Wolter  :  Twin Cities Astrology Round Table

26/    Christos Archos  :  Cycles of emotional turbulence

31/     Kimberly Jolivet  :  Exploring the Divine Feminine

JUNE 2020

01/    LCAA  :  Planetary Highlights for June 2020

         Astro Lodge of London  :  Horary Questions Concerning the Ninth House

05/   Rick Levine  :  Reincarnation & Disincarnation

         Linda Kubato Bryd  :  Bringing Your Chart To Life

06/   Rick Levine  :  Improve your Chart Readings

         Madalyn Hillis-Dineen  :  Solar Fire Astrology Program Tutorial

         Kim Marie  :  Appreciating the cycle of Phases and Aspects : Day 1

         Anne Ortelee  :  Do Your Saturn

07/   Anne Ortelee + Dr.Patricia Bell + Cassandra J. Butler  :  Venus Star Point

         Nadiya Shah  :  Astrological Magic

         Kim Marie  :  Appreciating the Cycle of Phases and Aspects : Day 2

         Rick Levine  :  Relationships & Synthesis

08/   Quan Cherry  :  Living on the Spectrum of Individual

                                     Responsibility and Personal Freedoms: Saturn and Uranus

         Jeanni Monks + Charyn McLean  :  The Nodal Rites of Passage

                                                                                                through the Horoscope

         Astrology Lodge  :  Horary Questions Concerning the Tenth House 

09/    Nina Gryphon  :  The Astrology of Past Epidemics and COVID19

10/     Eric Starwalker  :  The 2020 Capricorn Climax

11/      Alison Price  :  All About Mars

          Leisa Schaim  :  An Introduction to Electional Astrology

          Anne Ortelee  :  The Venus Star Point


12/     Melissa LaFara  :  Rulerships & Dignities

          Rachel Lang + Lars Mellis + Gaye Nelson  :  2020 Midyear Review & Upcoming

13/     Leisa Schaim  :  Getting On The Right Side of Time (Workshop)

          Marc Laurenson  :  The Composite Chart

          Susie Cox  :  Decoding the Language of Astrology

          Ray Couture  :  Current Planetary Transits and Aspects

          Enid Newberg  :  Retrograde for Muggles

14/     Rachel Lang  :  Solar Returns

          Ronald Tiggle  :  Calculating Secondary, Tertiary and Soar Arc Directions

          Lynn Koiner  :  Beginning and Ending Planets

          Bruce Scofield  :  Signs, Signals or Causes: Planetary Activity in 2020

          Laurence Hillman  :  Archetypal Astrology

15/     Astrology Lodge  :  Horary Questions Concerning the Eleventh House

17/     Debbie Barnett  :  Astro Salon

          Christina Hardy  :  Chart Patterns : Grand Cross, Yod, Kite, Mystic Rectangle

18/     Susan Reynolds  :  Astrology and Edgar Cayce

          Henry Seltzer  :  Working with Pluto, Chiron, and Eris in Charts

          Fernanda Paiva  :  The Art of Interpretation - Finding Themes in the Horoscope

19/     Cheryl Conner  :  Exploring Music & Astrology

          Stormie Grace Sam Reynolds  

                     :  Your Moon in Changing Times + Our Experiences as Black Astrologers

          Alexis Duong, Sam Reynolds, Ed Perrone, Chris Turner, Anne-Christine Gruber  

                                                                                       :  Astrologer's Round Table

20/    Sara Gilbert  :  Planetary Nodes

          Boaz Nia Fyler  :  Lunar Nodes and the Evolution of the Soul

          June Crane  :  Astro*Carto*Graphy: Know Before You Go!! Locational Astrology

          Robert Wilkinson  :  June 2020 Virtual Workshop

21/     Lea Imsiragic  :  Summer and Winter Solstice Gates 2020 

          Intermediate Tarot Discussion Group: Cancer

          Jessica Adams + Natalie Delahaye + Maggie Hyde + David Charles Rowan

            :  Stonehenge Eclipse Astrology

22/    Ernie Betz  :  Chakras & Astrology

          Horary Questions Concerning the Twelfth House (Imprisonment, Witchcraft)

23/    AFAN Discussion Group  :  Draconic Astrology

25/    Michelle Gregg  :  Astrology Transit Support Group

          Sherene Vismaya  :  Quincuxes in the Horoscope: Sex + Magic

          Renn Butler  :  Oh, Goddess : Love, Eros and Transcendence in Astrology


26/    Garrett Coulson  :  Why Astrology Works : First Quadrant

27/    Dennis Harness  :  Vedic Astrology and Transpersonal Counseling

28/   Michael Bartlett  :  Maverick Planets : Do you have what it takes to change the world?

         David Perloff  :  Viewing Outer Planet Conjunctions through a Historical Lens

         Linda Byrd  :  Chart Reading Made Easy

         Maurice Fernandez  :  Solar Beings, Solar Consciousness

         Rebecca Gordon  :  The Astrology of NYC 2020 and Beyond

29/   LCAA  :  Planetary Highlights for July 2020

         Astro Lodge  :  Horary Tips for Judgements

30/   Leisa Schaim  :  Where We're Going (Open Forum)

MAY 2020

02/   Tracy Quinlan  :  Pallas: What will you fight for?

08/   Rozlyn Noble  :  Progressions

         Steph Johnson + Julie Deitz  :  Planetary Action in May

         Kenneth Miller​  :  TAMING THE DRAGON: THE INDIAN NODES

         Alan Clay  :  Sedna Consciousness, the Soul’s Path of Destiny

09/   April Elliott-Kent  :  Using Your Birthchart To Maket Yourself

         Thomas Hübl + Brian Swimmer  :  ON HEALING COLLECTIVE TRAUMA

         Alejo López  :  The Role of Astrology in Dark Times

         Rozlyn Noble  :  Rock & Rollin’ With Progressions

         Ray Couture  :  Current Planetary Aspects & Transits 

10/    Kenneth Miller  :  Something Wicked This Way Comes: Pluto, Neptune, Uranus?

         Mitchell Scott Lewis  :  The Economy, the Pandemic and the Future

         Pam Gallagher  :  Zooming in on Degrees in your Chart

                                          – Decants, Dwads, and   degrees using the 30th harmonic

11/     Judy Lundquist  :  Hooked On Horary!

12/    AFAN Town Hall  :  All About Conferences

         Jon Parks  :  A Modern Approach to Day Charts and Night Charts

13/    Becca Tarnas  :  Venus Retrograde

         Laura Desjardins  :  Jupiter - Saturn Cycles

14/    Toby Aldren  :  Geodetics

         Bear Ryver  :  Making The Moon Work for You

         Danny Larkin  :  Venus Retrograde In Gemini

15/    Garrett Hall  :  Planetary Timings: Making Use of Transits

         Ed Castro  :  What's In Store for the U.S. Economy, and More...

         Franco Soulbody  :  A Day in the Life: Day Rulers

         Group Chat  :  Retrograde Season Has Started - Up to 6 Planets at Once

         Laura Desjardins  :  Working with Squares

         Marie Loeb  :  Beginning Astrology: Houses / Natural Wheel

         Gray Crawford  : Planets in Fall and the Spirit of the Depths

16/    Nadiya Shah  :  Life Purpose in the Birth Chart

         Carol Tebbs  :  How do Judaism, Christianity and Islam consider Astrology? 

         Alan Clay  :  Sedna Consciousness, the Soul’s Path of Destiny

17/    Julene Louis  :  Timing Predictions with Secondary Progressions and Transits

         Jenn Zahrt  :  Understanding Elemental Voids

         Spencer Grendahl Jim Schultz  :  Retrogrades

         Brad Kochunas  :  Pisces and the 12th Dynamic

         Elisabeth Grace  :  The News & Astrology

         Alan Clay  :  Sedna & Dwarf Planet Astrology

         Madalyn Hillis-Dineen  :  Astro*Carto*Graphy and Beyond

         Intermediate Tarot Discussion Group  : Gemini

18/    Madalyn Hillis-Dineen  :  12 Step Recovery Primer for Astrologers

19/    Giulio Faini  :  Astrology dynamics in love relationships

         Debra Silverman  :  You Have an Ego That's Not Going Away

                                               The Difference Between the Soul and the Personality

20/   Jessica Adams + Penny Thornton + Kyra Oser  :  Gemini Season (2020)

         Debbie Barnett  :  Astro Salon

21/    Marvin Wilkerson  :  Saturn Transits and the Progressed Moon Phase

         Greg Bogart  :  Vocational Astrology and Career Counseling Theory

         2020 NORWAC Astrological Conference (Online) -- to May 25

23/   Rhonda Buttery  :  AstroGold for MAC OS

         Greg Bogart  :  Jung Astrology and Dreams : An Experiential Workshop

24/   Antonia Langsdorf  :  Chiron And The Agents Of Evolution

         Robert Hand  :  Donald Trump 2020

25/    Chris Reppucci  :  28 Shapes of the World

26/   AFAN Study Hall  :  All Things Saturn   

         Nadiya Shah  :  The Great Conjunction: The Divine Meeting of Jupiter and Saturn

28/    Kira Sutherland  :  Houses of Health

29/    Kim Fairminer and Sandra Lee  :  Upcoming Eclipses

30/   Shane M. Nygaard  :  Visibility, Clarity & Order: Houses 12-7 Above the Horizon

         Greg Bogart  :  Astrology as a Therapeutic Art: Healing Human Relationships

         Jaliessa Sipress  :  Anti-Racism & Astrology

31/    Ehime Ora + Ari Felix + Cameron Allen + Imani Harman

         Releasing Dogma: Decoding the N.Node in Gemini & S. Node in Sagittarius Transit

         Cassandra Tyndall  :  Terms / Bounds and Looking for Happiness and Success

         Gaye Nelson  :  Sun/Venus Star Pattern (Private Class)

         Basil Fearrington  :  Spotting Critical Illness Potential in Advance

         Rebecca Gordon  :  Astrology for Success:  Ignite Your Business With Star Power 

         Veronika Eliasova  :  Your true “Mercurial” and “Venusian” nature

                                                            Are you a Mercury / Venus morning or evening star?


APRIL 2020

19/    Lee Lehman + Wade Caves  :  USA 2020 Aries Ingress

23/   Richard Tarnas  :  What's Happening in the Stars Right Now?

         Naomi C. Bennett  :  Reliable Predictions   


25/   Armand Diaz  :  Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars: Elemental Attitudes

         Mark Jones  :  A Higher Love: Neptune as the Higher Octave of Venus 

         Alexander von Schlieffen  :  The PR Society

         Lynn Bell  :  The Astrology of Family Dynamics   

         Rhonda Buttery  :  AstroGold

         MJ Patterson  :  Late and Early Degrees in Interpretation

         Cheryl Hopkins  :  Mothers and Daughters: Looking into the Karmic Mirror   

         Jessica Lanyadoo  :  Astrology for Real Relationships Q&A Session

         Jason Holley  :  Relationships as Habitats for the Circle of Animals Within

26/   Frank Clifford  :  An Introductory Guide to Relationship Astrology 

         Kelly Surtees  :  Saying "I Do" - Cycles of Commitment in Relationship     

         Melanie Reinhart  :  Our Relationship with Astrology   

         Darby Costello  :  Venus and Mars: Love, Beauty, Courage and Excellence 

         Brian Clark  :  Love in the Time of Capricorn

         Vanessa Montgomery  :  The Mirror-verse: You are Your Partner's Love Projection

         Julie C.  :  Vocational Astrology: Putting our talents to work

         Armand Diaz  :  Superheroes, Detectives, Monsters, and Villains

                                                                                                         --An Astrological History


30/   Elodie St.Onge-Aubut + Chris Reppucci  :  Lunar Mansions

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